The whole Marijuana thing started back in 2737 BC by the Chinese, who used marijuana for various medicinal purposes. Then, it traveled from China to India, and from North Africa to America and then everywhere in the world. Early on, marijuana was intended for medicinal purposes only. Since people fall into addiction so easily, hemp and marijuana became illegal. However, thanks to science, recreational marijuana is again gaining some legal ground due to the fantastic health benefits it offers. You too will be amazed to know some of the great benefits recreational marijuana has in store for its users:

  1. Halts the Cancer!

Recreational Marijuana, a drug that comes from a plant called Cannabis, which can halt the growth of a gene called Id-1 because of which cancer happens and grows as per a scientific study. The studies have shown positive results in most of the experiments. This drug can stop the cancer cells from growing and also helps in thoroughly getting rid of the disease. Apart from cancer, marijuana has been proven as a great drug to prevent tumors in the brain, respiratory organs, and breasts from growing.

  1. Heals Arthritis

Some researches aimed at finding out the distinct benefits of marijuana held an experiment on various patients. Those patients had intense pain in their knees and ankles, which could not enable them to sleep. They gave some of those patients a tablet with cannabis and gave others without any marijuana. The people with cannabis in their medicine reported instant relief in their pain and also told that they were able to sleep better than the patients who were given their regular medicine for arthritis.

  1. Stops Alzheimer

Alzheimer’s is a severe disease for which the whole world is trying to find a reliable cure. As per research, an active ingredient in marijuana known as THC successfully ceases specific plaques. These plaques are responsible for damaging the brain cells, which lead to Alzheimer’s. France is one of those countries which is still struggling to legalize the use of cannabis. Weed in France is legal for medicinal purposes strictly, and that too, only if all other treatments fail.

  1. Eases the Shaking of Parkinson

When it comes to the growth of a nation in any category, Israel wins. It has made marijuana legal for medicinal purposes. It was a researchers’ study in Israel that proved that marijuana eases not just the shaking but also relieves the pain of the people with Parkinson’s disease, which made the government legalize the drug. The great thing that marijuana does to Parkinson’s patients is that it improves their mobility and helps them do their day to day activities efficiently. Israel continues its research regarding weed, which is funded by its government.

  1. Lightens the Pain of Chemo

Chemotherapy is a painful process and leaves the patient weak to his core. The patients also lose their appetite, which leads to a weak metabolism. Marijuana has proved to be, as per the experiments, a great drug that takes away the pain caused by chemo. It also helps cancer patients feel better, gain strength, and increases their appetite. As mentioned earlier, marijuana also helps stop the growth of cancer cells. It is beneficial for all the cancer patients at the early stages to halt the growth of cancer cells and then help relieve the terrible pain caused by chemotherapy.

  1. Alleviates Anxiety

One of the most significant reasons people find marijuana addictive is the feeling it gives. It releases all worry and untangles the human brain. However, addiction leads its users to consume it in higher doses. Then, the intake becomes hazardous as it can lead to more anxiety, paranoia, and instability of mind. However, marijuana can be used for medicinal purposes to relieve stress. The prescribed amount of marijuana can heal the patients and make them mentally stable, pleased, and satisfied.

  1. A Cure for Crohn’s Disease

Crohn disease makes the bowels inflamed. It not only causes severe pain in the bowel movement and stomach but also leads to diarrhea and vomiting. Because of this disease, a person loses weight and appetite. A study done by researchers shows that smoking weed helped ease Crohn’s disease. The results were terrific as ten out of eleven patients showed significant improvement in their bowel movement. Marijuana helped reduce their pain and inflammation too. Not only that, five of those ten patients healed from this disease by smoking a joint. Various studies of this nature have been conducted then, and nothing has improved Crohn’s disease as fast and effectively as marijuana.

  1. Reduces Epileptic Seizures

One of the doctors from the US conducted a small experiment on the rats, which had epileptic seizures. He gave those rats marijuana, which stopped their seizures in less than ten hours. Later, it was found that the THC, which is the main ingredient of marijuana, helps hold the brain cells accountable for controlling the extreme excitement and inducing relaxation.

There is so much more to know about how we can benefit from marijuana. The US government has a website on drugs which gives some fantastic facts on the use of medical marijuana. Moreover, it also gives us some mind-blowing stats.