I recently took a good friend of mine Michael Volitich back to the UK, to the small village where I grew up. One thing which I was so keen to show him was a proper footballing Saturday, the kind that I have missed so much since I moved to the US. Normally our Saturday’s consist of waking up insanely early so that we can watch the Premier League matches, so I was really happy to be able to show him the way that a Saturday is supposed to be done. I’ll talk you through the steps that I think makes a perfect Saturday, and perhaps when you are in the UK, you can do exactly the same.

Step One – Breakfast

To survive a good Saturday you need to start the day right, so a good full English breakfast, or a bacon and sausage sandwich should do the trick, washed down with a silky cup of tea. Make this at home if you want or if you can, try to find a little cafe somewhere, the smaller and more ragged the better, this is where you’ll find breakfast heaven.

Step Two – Bets On 

I ma not a gambler by any stretch of the imagination but I love to gamble 3 or 4 pounds on a Saturday morning, to make the afternoon’s football that much more exciting. Once you have finished breakfast, get to the betting shop to place your bets. I understand the benefits of using an online betting service, but for me I like to have that paper slip in my hand, and feel the bet.

If you’re ever not sure where to place your bets on the football you could check out Footy Accumulators for predictions such as anytime goal scorer tips on all the weekends games.

Step 3 – Early Kickoff

More often than not there will be an early kick off at around 1245, this may be Premier League or perhaps it could be the Championship, either way, time to get to the pub and grease your wheels for the afternoon. The will be the first taste of football all day.

Step 4 – 3 pm Kickoff

If you have a ticket for a 3pm game then enjoy yourself, if not head to the pub where you can either watch a live game, or watch the scores as they fly in, and you can check your bet as you go.

Step 5 – Late Kickoff

If you are lucky enough for there to be a 545 kickoff too, this is there perfect way to finish the afternoon, move pubs and find a good place to watch the game, maybe pass the betting shop for another £1 bet if you are feeling lucky, or to collect your winnings from the day.

Step 6 – Match of the Day

Match of the Day is a football highlight and analysis program that has been running for over 50 years. This is the best way to finish your day, sat on the sofa with a curry or a pizza, watching the course of events that took place, and listening to what the pundits have to say.

If there is a heaven, it looks like Saturday afternoon.