There are so many tips and tricks when it comes to applying makeup! Here are some of the most common questions asked of makeup artists.

How do I pick the right foundation?

When selecting your foundation it’s important to first understand what your skin’s undertone is. There are three undertones, Warm, Cool & Neutral (a mix of the two). If you often have a pink flush to your skin you should try a warmer toned foundation to balance it out. Warm tones usually have a yellow/gold undertone, and cool tones usually have a pinkish/blue undertone. 

What can’t you live without?

I can’t live without foundation (or sometimes just concealer on spots I want to brighten), blush, mascara, brow gel and tinted lip balm. They are my daily go to’s for a fresh-looking face!

What’s your fave look to do?

My fave everyday glam look to do is a classic winged liner with a deep red lip. It’s such a timeless, classic look that suits so many people!

What eyeshadow palette should I buy?

It’s always smart and safe to go with a neutral browns palette. It universally suits every eye colour and skin tone and is a great basic palette to own. It will always be your go-to and most used palette. Bright colours and shimmers are fun but are rarely used every day. You can always buy a few fun individual shadows for when you want to spice things up.

How can I get my foundation to stay flawless all day?

There are a few options to make your foundation look fresh and flawless all day long! You can use a primer before applying foundation as this helps the foundation stick to your skin. You can set your foundation with a translucent setting powder. This technique is especially good if you get oily as it helps to blot some of that shine. You can either apply over your whole base or just along the T-zone area and under your eyes (to prevent creasing). You can also use a setting spray. If you have dry skin this might be a better option for you as powder may irritate already dry skin. Spray liberally all over your face after applying your makeup to lock it in! Sometimes the best way can be to just keep a brush handy and re-blend your makeup part-way through the day. 

How can I correct uneven lips?

Correcting uneven lips is usually a matter of overlining one side of the lips to make them fuller to match the other side. You can do this pretty easily by grabbing a lip liner in your desired colour and drawing just above your natural lip line of the side you want to make appear fuller. Then when you fill in the other side on your natural lip line, they should even out. Finish off with your lipstick over the top.

What brow product should I use?

That all depends on the type of brow you want to have. If you are happy with the colour and shape of your brows but just want to make them appear fluffier you can just put a clear brow gel or soap in them to fluff them up. If you want to add a bit of colour to that combo you can use a tinted brow gel. If you want to fill in some gaps in your brows but still keep the look fairly natural you can use a brow powder applied with an angle brush and blended out with a clean spoolie. To add the illusion of more individual hairs you can use a brow pencil to draw on singular hairs or a brow pomade with a thin angled brush can give the same effect. For a strong defined brow, you are best to go with a brow pomade or pencil and fully draw on the brow you want.

Should I wash my brushes regularly?

Yes, you absolutely should! At least once a week is a good idea. Bacteria and dirt can build up in your brush and the leftover product on the bristles, which you then apply to your face. If you are having unexpected breakouts, your dirty brush could be the cause. Giving them a good clean with soap once a week with help keeps your skin happy!

Can I wear a winged liner if I have hooded eyes?

Yes, you absolutely can! The best tip for doing winged eyeliner on any type of eye is to map it out with your eyes open. This way (particularly with hooded eyes) you are sure to get the shape you desired when you are done. Start by creating your wing on the outer corner of the eye and bring it to your lash line keeping your eyes open. Now, when you close your eyes it should look a little like this:

Clean up and sharpen your lines and you should have a perfect crisp liner when you open your eyes!

Do makeup products expire?

Yes, they do. Most people don’t know that makeup and skincare products have an expiry date and that they can start to form bacteria that cause breakouts when you keep using them after their expiry date. Expiry dates are usually between 3 months and 36 months. You can find the expiry date on the back of the product and it looks like this:

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