Just over half of the world’s population believes in reincarnation after death, which means they believe in past lives.

Even if you don’t necessarily share this belief, you may still benefit from past life regression therapy. This kind of hypnotherapy often helps people uncover limiting beliefs, heal strained relationships, and even overcome phobias.

You may be nervous and unsure of what to expect during a past life regression session.

Here’s how this type of therapy is generally conducted.

First, Your Hypnotherapist Will Make Sure It’s Right for You

Your hypnotherapist may screen you first to make sure past life regression therapy is appropriate for you and what you wish to address. You may receive screening over the phone or in person.

You don’t need to have read a lot of books on the subject or have to know much about it to qualify for this kind of therapy.

You do, however, need to be open-minded and open to receiving this kind of therapy for it to be beneficial. You may want to take an online past life test first to see if you’re comfortable with the idea.

A Session Starts With Getting Comfortable

Your hypnotherapist will have you get comfortable, whether it’s lying or sitting down, and walk you through a relaxation or meditation technique.

They may have you focus on your breathing or have you do some breathing exercises to clear your mind of any nagging thoughts.

Your Present Life Will Be Addressed, Too

During the session’s first hour, your therapist may ask you questions about your present life.

They may want you to talk about your relationships and what you hope to accomplish from the session.

You may be asked to discuss your family history and childhood events that are still affecting your life today.

The Regression Portion

You may be asked to think back to your childhood and to imagine a time when you weren’t born yet. Or your therapist may have you visualize walking down a staircase. Each therapist has their method for helping clients access the past.

You may begin to experience emotions and see images that could possibly be from a past life, and be encouraged to describe them in detail during the regression session. You may see or feel yourself to be a person from a different gender, ethnic background, and/or age.

Some people experience very pleasant images and feelings, while others may uncover past life memories that make them uncomfortable. As every client is different (as well as the therapist’s exact techniques), this part of the session varies from person to person.

Coming out of the Session

Your therapist will know when to bring you out of the hypnosis and back to the present moment.

Many clients report feeling a variety of emotions after a session has ended. You may feel like a part of you has been cleansed or healed.

Although past life regression sessions can last for two to three hours, you may feel like only 20 minutes has passed.

Explore Past Life Regression Therapy

Past life regression therapy isn’t scary and might even be just what you need to turn a corner in your life.

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