Between your job, PTA meetings, after-school activities, and running errands, there’s a chance you’re on the go a lot. But just because you’re always busy doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take a little time to make sure you look and feel your best. While you don’t need to be runway-ready every time you leave the house, there are a few simple accessories that you can add to any outfit to feel more put-together and look far less scrambled than you feel.

1. A Stylish Belt

Make having to awkwardly adjust your jeans one less thing to worry about! Not only does a good belt really bring an outfit together, but going between sitting and standing all day can stretch out your pants little by little until they feel like they’re falling off. Incorporate some belts to your outfits in varying styles to top off that cute skirt or make you feel a little more comfortable in your favorite pants. And if you’re wearing a cute dress that needs a little more shape, a waist belt with accentuate your curves and make your outfit look a little more put-together.

2. A Watch

While checking your phone for the time is convenient, it’s not always possible or polite to do so. Whether you’ve got a smartwatch that does everything for you or you’d rather stick to a classic analog watch, this small accessory will help you to manage your time while also doubling as a fashion piece. People who wear watches rather than pulling out their phones all the time are perceived as punctual and conscientious. And just like your phone, if your watch breaks or the battery dies, take it in to get it fixed right away. Many jewelers provide watch repair services, like Nelson Coleman watch repair Baltimore, and often have a warranty for watches brought from their company.

3. A Handbag

It’s no secret that women’s fashion is a joke when it comes to pockets. When companies even bother to put pockets in our jeans or skirts, it’s rare that they’ll fit more than a phone and a tube of lip balm—if we’re lucky. This means that if you plan on carrying more than your phone on you, you should carry a handbag or purse of some type to help you keep track of your things—like your wallet and sunglasses, a spare phone charger, your earbuds, extra tampons or ibuprofen, and a spare mask and hand sanitizer. And with so many different styles, shapes, and sizes, there’s a bag out there for everyone.

4. An Umbrella

If you live somewhere with unpredictable weather, you might find yourself thinking “it’s just a little rain” as you run from your car into the grocery store or stand outside your child’s classroom to pick them up after school. But sitting in damp clothes can be uncomfortable, and your hair and makeup won’t stand a chance. Keep a spare umbrella in your car, and maybe even a compact one in your purse if you have space, to make sure that you don’t find yourself caught in the rain.

5. A Trendy Water Bottle

Regardless of the season, proper hydration is vital to your health. It keeps your energy up and helps your skin look fresh and young. Investing in a reusable water bottle reduces waste and can help keep track of your daily water intake while motivating you to drink more. Fill your reusable water bottle before you leave the house to make sure that your hectic life doesn’t leave you with parched lips and a dry mouth. And just like handbags and umbrellas, water bottles come in so many shapes and sizes that there’s no way you won’t be able to eventually find one that you absolutely love.

Adding the simplest accessories to your wardrobe may seem like a small thing, but these minor conveniences will take some of the stress out of your hectic lifestyle and help you look a little more polished on the outside, even if you don’t totally feel that way on the inside.