Every time you leave the house you want to look your best, this becomes even more important when you are going on a first date.  Never is creating a great first impression so crucial.  Follow these simple rules and the next thing you know, instead of planning your closet you could be planning your wedding.

Stick to your personal style and avoid trends

Being on a first date is definitely not the time try and experiment with the latest clothing trends.  Some fashions just don’t suit some body shapes or their personalities.  Wearing an outfit that you are not sure of, could potentially make you feel very uncomfortable.  You should always wear something that flatters your figure and makes you feel good about yourself.  Have the confidence that your personal style suits you and that it will send positive messages about you to your prospective date.

Comfort is crucial

Nervousness is natural on a first date and you don’t want to make things worse by wearing anything that is uncomfortable.  Heels that are too high could lead to embarrassing stumbles and they could also prove to be very painful partway through your date.  Skirts have a tendency to ride up when you sit down.  Wearing a very short skirt could result in you pulling continually at the hem of your skirt to protect your modesty.  This is not a good look.  Pick an outfit that is comfortable and it’s one less thing to worry about.

Be sexy but don’t show too much

On a first date you don’t want to give the wrong impression and wear an outfit that is too revealing.  At the same time you don’t want clothing that screams prude.  You want an outfit that is both sexy and classy and follows the rule ‘less is more’.  For example a close fitting dress with your back fully exposed, an off the shoulder blouse or a skirt with a split that gives occasional glimpses of your thigh.

Don’t overthink your outfit

Sometimes it is tempting to try to put too many things together when creating your outfit.  Putting too many colors together at once for example can create quite an overpowering image.  Wearing too many pieces of jewellery can draw attention away from the focus of your clothing .  Opt for neutral colors and minimalistic choices by just choosing one statement piece of jewellry.  This will mean that your date’s attention won’t be distracted from what’s important, which is you.

Resort to your favorites

Some first dates can be a date where you don’t know exactly what you will be doing.  If this situation occurs then you should always wear your favorite outfit and one that is very comfortable.  This will mean that your clothing will be fit for purpose, regardless of what you do. When in doubt reach for your favorite items.

A few simple tips to follow that will mean you make a fantastic first impression on your prospective date and who knows where it might lead.